Our E-pharma solution, ProNOV is an all-in-one solution that helps pharmacy stores manage their inventories, order for drugs, and collect cash and digital payments at the click of a button.

Just-in-Time delivery of drugs
Supplies from only accredited drug manufacturers
Business intelligence for growth hacking


  • Our e-Health Management System solution connects all units and departments in the hospital for seamless data sharing and collaboration.
  • We improve efficiency in hospitals and clinics by impacting on critical healthcare management and practices so you can balance access, cost, and high-quality care.
  • Digital Payment: Block loopholes by allowing all payments to be routed through one channel
  • Supply Chain: Improve drug supply to the hospital in a timely and efficient fashion
  • E-Consult: Patients can receive first line diagnoses from their comforts and reduce hospital visit, waiting time and possibility of contracting nosocomial infections
  • Hospital Referral: Transfer patients’ records to specialist hospitals without hassle
  • Digital record: Permit clinical records in encrypted digital format for security and efficiency
  • Hospital Governance: Manage the entire hospital activities from a central database