Opacus Technologies is a technology company that builds ICT powered products and business lines to solve challenges faced by the poor and vulnerable that have differed popular alternatives. Opacus Technologies provides its services by building platforms with active user engagements that maximizes business visibility for these users.
ProNoV is a product of Opacus Technologies Ltd (OpacusTech). ProNOV is a user friendly, business intelligence technology solution that helps retail pharmacy stores or Proprietary Patent Medicine vendors (PPMVs) in Nigeria manage their inventories to improveavailability & affordability of critical life-saving drugs. Our Mission with ProNoV is to improve the profitability of micro-dispensaries or
pharmacies that serve these people through a platform that fuses smart inventory management, bulk breaking (genuine, efficient supply chain) and financial services to the under banked or unbanked ensuring positive economic and health outcomes.

The Supply Chain Executive will lead overall strategy of our supply chain management. The ideal candidate will perform the following tasks:

    1. *Oversee creation of processes and methods to gather supply chain data, process data, identify problematic areas and suggesting improvements
    2. *Design, update and implement necessary Supply Chain Optimization processes / Standard Operations Procedure
    3. *Develop requirements and standards for all supply chain components (e.g. procurement, shipping, etc.)
    4. *Analyze, optimize, and oversee inventory procedures
    5. Commitment to uncovering the most cost-effective shipping modes and schedules (logistics)
    6. *Build, update an optimized logistics strategy and identify insourcing or outsourcing models that fits such strategy
    7. *Assess vendor operations (e.g. freight) according to quality benchmarks and standards
      Foster strong partnerships with other businesses
    8. *Work with IT professionals to implement efficient systems
    9. *Track KPIs and generate reports for supply chain performance
    10. *Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills
    11. *Activate, sustain and expand relationships with major distributors and manufacturers of pharmaceutical products who could provide various categories of drugs in high demand at competitive highly discounted wholesale prices
    12. *Work with Sales Manager to Pitch the company’s strength in supply chain (competitive pricing, accredited drugs, and just-in-time delivery) to all Medicine outlets in our network.
    13. *Mobilze team to establish regular contact with stores using the most productive and yielding mean(s) (e.g. phone calls, emails, site visits) to check for their stocking needs.
    14. *Collate drug supply requests and coordinate purchase with distributors
    15. *Update position knowledge with the understanding of the latest trend in supply chain and healthcare delivery in Nigeria & Africa by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications and expanding professional networks and organizations
    16. *Ensure operational compliance with in-house design Standard Operating Procedure
    17. *Take on any other assigned responsibility or task


    1. Contribute to the Organization Management and Strategy Development
    2. Protects Organization’s values
    3. Adhere to Business Confidentiality Terms


    1. Time sheet Report
    2. Monthly Report
    3. Update Supply Chain Tracking Sheet

Interested candidates should click this link to apply – https://forms.gle/wg9UuTqQVY6M5VQQ6