Who are We?

Opacus is a technology company that builds healthcare products and business lines to solve problems that have differed popular alternatives.

The Internet has a huge potential for business but African business owners are not maximising this potential to interact with their target market. Opacus Technologies is stepping to step in to address this. At Opacus Technologies, we do this by building platforms with active user engagements and maximising business visibility to there users. We also help with Social CRM and work together with businesses by providing analytics and and consultancy services to help improves these business.

Our products are designed bearing in mind the technical capabilities of African population. Our products are designed to be simple and minimalistic. Simplicity is a watchword in design at Opacus Technologies.

Our Objective


To transform societies with easy to use consumer first health technology products and business lines.


To be at fore in the use technology to improve lives in a scalable, efficient, and sustainable fashion in Africa.

Our Advantage

Worked with most sophisticated global teams
Recognized and endorsed within and outside Africa
Served biggest development agencies and Governments
Experience handling large scale projects

What We Do

We build enterprise solutions for individuals and corporates solving critical healthcare problems in West Africa.
Our clients include local and international organizations, government parastals, development agencies, and individuals with ideas that can change the world.
Our services include concept note development, software architecting, project delivery and post-delivery management.
We leverage innovative tools and processes driven by experienced and passionate professionals to craft out a unique solution that suits your need.